Harvest - Kristianopel

Civilisation arose only after agriculture was developed. Our ability to stay in one place and devote time to pursuits other than searching for and gathering sustenance was dependent on the production of a reliable food supply. What you will see in this part of the exhibition are the latest manifestations of this ancient pursuit; a collection of images presenting particularly stunning examples of humans harnessing the landscape of the planet to cultivate plants and raise animals.

From above, the places where we harvest often have a textile-like appearance. Repetitive patterns illuminate techniques that have enabled us to utilise the landscape for our needs, with precision and on a massive scale. The patterns that emerge are largely a product of what is being grown and the technology that is used to do so. These formations show us that our need to feed ourselves has a far-reaching impact on the surface of the planet – be it on land or in the sea.

overview Karlskrona harvest

The taste of local
Food is a constant topic. Not least how we produce it in a sustainable way. Here in Blekinge we can enjoy a variety of food products that not only taste fantastic but also create sustainable jobs and contribute to a vibrant countryside.

Organic and local
Nature benefits from organic farming! Without chemical pesticides, thanks to the cultivation of different crops in the fields and with grazing animals, the diversity is twice as great around an organic farm as around a non-organic one. In fact, it is so clever that more insects, birds and soil organisms in the eco farm reduce the need for pesticides, increase pollination and improve plant nutrient uptake.
Many organic farms in Blekinge also have a tourism and farm sales business. It attracts visitors to other parts of our region than the cities and contributes to a vibrant countryside.

Farm shops
The Karlskrona region perfectly dignifies delicacies and farm shops. Embark on a culinary voyage and find everything from goat salami to apple syrup and crispbread. In addition, there are plenty of crafts, often in combination or in collaboration, with the local producers.
Via the Avenza Maps app you can download the map "Blekinges gårdsbutiker". The app can be found where you download your apps.

Ideal for cultivation 
In Blekinge, 20 percent of the population lives outside of urban areas, which is significantly more than the average for Sweden as a whole. One contributing reason is that the proportion of agricultural land in Blekinge is twice as large as the average in other counties. The agricultural land has an important function as it opens up and breaks off the forest landscape which gives a welcoming impression. Blekinge with its various soils and several climate zones becomes like Sweden in miniature and there are almost no limits on what is suitable for cultivation.