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The word planet comes from the Greek plane­te­s, meaning ‘wanderer’. And just as Earth is travelling across the galaxy, we too are in constant motion – to commute, visit others, transport goods, and explore. As the efficiency and speed of our transportation has improved, our planet and galaxy have grown ever smaller and more navigable. And with the proliferation of cars, trains, commercial aircrafts, and sea-faring vessels, transportation has not only become a part of our daily routine, it is often something we seek out.

The landmarks of transportation we can see from space are primarily our hubs and intersections – the places where we momentarily come together before we head off in our separate directions. Over the past few centuries, we have built up an extensive arterial network of roads, lines, or routes to get us exactly where we need to go, yet our journeys typically originate at one of these massive gathering sites. Transportation connects us to new places and new cultures, supporting our yearning to push our frontiers.

The current situation debates and reflects on how digital infrastructure and mobile telecommunications might be substitutes for some travelling.

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Digital conversion
Being able to work and study from a distance, and utilize smart e-services, creates fantastic opportunities. Then solid fiber connection is required. In an archipelago municipality like Karlskrona, coordinated efforts are made to remove the "blind spots" and give everyone access to the internet - wherever you live.

Future in sight
Fiber connection is part of our infrastructure in the same way as electricity and water. Digitization creates opportunities for all residents and those working in Karlskrona, from the outermost countryside to the islands in the archipelago.
The benefits are obvious. A satisfactory broadband connection enables work from home for many. Companies can more easily conduct their business in the countryside and in the archipelago. Being able to study at a distance creates opportunities for young people and flexibility for families. A large part of the health care will rely on the care provider having access to broadband for services such as security alarms or video conversations.
The work of connecting all areas is in full swing.

Smart sensors
The future of the Internet of Things has just begun. More and more solutions are being developed daily and most of us do not even notice. One project in Karlskrona is the LoRa network; an open standard for wireless data communication - much like a wifi for the entire municipality. This makes it easy to access smart sensors and measure different things. Such as the degree of filling in waste containers, temperature in stairs or roadways or heart rate sensors on patients being cared for at home. You can place sensors in cement blocks that measure deviations in the design or you can measure the distance between the water surface and bridges - and read the bath temperature. In short, a technology that can save both resources and lives.

An island of knowledge 
In the middle of Karlskrona the pioneering school Hyper Island was founded which took its name from Stumholmen where the education is still conducted today. From the start in 1996, focus has been on digital technology to bring about change and drive a philosophy to make students do the impossible. To always explore how the latest technology can be a facilitator of innovation and progress in the world. The school has no traditional teachers. Instead, students are involved in real projects where they learn by solving concrete problems. The focus is team collaboration rather than individual effort. Today, Hyper Island exists worldwide and is known for its progressive methodology and forward-thinking.