Art exhibition - Air of Archipelago

Art exhibition

NOTE. Important info about this year's exhibition!
Due to the corona pandemic, the number of visitors to the showroom must be limited.
Therefore, as last year, purchases will occur as following.

Viewing 27 June from 11 am - 5 pm. During this time there is no sale / booking of paintings.
Sales: From 6 am you can book paintings by sending an SMS to +4673-444 43 66.
Text messages will be answered during the evening in the order in which they were received after 6 pm.

If there are several stakeholders on the same board, those who ended up first in the SMS queue will have priority.

Everyone who has sent an SMS will be contacted either via SMS or telephone for confirmation.
Feel free to write as simple messages as possible, for example: I am interested in no. 7 and 22.
This system worked well at last year's opening and we hope that even this year will work as fairly and well as possible.

Jan Abramsson