BE BOP A LUBA - Peter Jezewski and Donna Presley

BE BOP A LUBA - Peter Jezewski and Donna Presley

Be Bop A Luba is inspired by the music of the 50s and 60s and its nostalgia.
Many Bopper hits that Peter Jezewski performed when he was a member of the band until 1993 are also on the track list.

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Peter Jezewski became known to the Swedish people as a member of the cult band The Boppers. With big hits like Come On And Dance and Do That Boppin Jive, they achieved great success both in Europe and Asia.

Since 1993, Peter has been active as a solo artist and, among other things, figured as frontman in Peter And The Chiefs and Peter and the Bopmachine.
The Boppers made a strong comeback in 1992 with Jeannie's Coming Back, Kissing In The Moonlight and Gonna Find My Angel.

Nowadays, Peter's main focus is on the 1950s/60s show Be Bop A Luba, which tours all over Sweden.

Ticket price from SEK 590