Beatles weekend at Albinsson & Sjöbergs Car Museum

Beatles weekend at Albinsson & Sjöbergs Car Museum

Friday 19 and Saturday 20 May there will be live music by seven bands, lectures and guided tours of the Beatles collection, which can be found at Albinsson & Sjöberg's Car Museum.

What an anniversary year, the Beatles came with the first LP album 60 years ago and to Sweden, the publisher Albinsson & Sjöberg turns 50, Staffan Olander won the 10,000 SEK question 50 years ago for his knowledge of The Beatles and the Beatles Information Center turns 50 .

After the success of the Beatles exhibition "Beatles - more than just music" now comes "Beatlesweekend - Much live music". On the weekend of May 19-20, a very special event will take place in Karlskrona. Seven bands interpret, do covers from the Beatles' great song treasure, and Staffan Olander, the Beatles oracle, will also be here.

The following bands will perform over the weekend:
- Beatus (Stockholm) who, with anecdotes, joy of playing, vocal singing and unbridled singing, takes us on a tribute to one of the world's most appreciated bands.
- Grand Old Softies (Stockholm). Abbreviated GOS. Since 2007, GOS's annual Beatles tributes have been popular features in various places.
- Beats and Peaches (Malmö) interprets the Beatles with flute, violins and chorus.
- All you need is love-Eghammar, guitar and Bjarnehäll, piano, duo (Sandvik) give us their interpretation from the song treasure with instrumental interpretations and improvisations colored by blues, jazz and gospel.
- The playful gang Jens and Friends (Karlshamn) are big Beatles fans and offer interpretations from the band's repertoire in their own style.
- T-Break (Karlskrona) is a cover band that tries to get as close to the originals as possible and sound like it sounded in the 60s. A group that has played in many different constellations over the years.
- The dynamic duo Linus Norda, vocals and Oskar Appelqvist, keyboard (Ramdala) will select their absolute favorites from the Beatles song catalog and interpret them in their very own way. Jazz, wise and modern soundscapes are mixed with the Beatles' traditional arrangements.

In addition, Staffan Olander, winner of the 10,000 kroner question on the subject of the Beatles, will talk about his life with the Beatles in focus. We get to accompany "Staffan and the Beatles" with stories, pictures, etc.

Olle Klein's Beatles exhibition is on view throughout the weekend and Olle is on hand to talk about his more than 50-year collection.

There will also be serving in the Porcelain Museum during the weekend as well as the sale of books, T-shirts etc. The Beatles Information Center organizes quizzes and talks about its activities.

Where: The car museum in Karlskrona, almost all cars are driven out and chairs are set up. It will be more than just a large concert hall. Close, pleasant and different!

When: Friday and Saturday 19 and 20 May 2023

Program: See website below. Tickets will be sold through Tickster.

Organizer: Förlags AB Albinsson och Sjöberg

Collaboration: Music in Blekinge - Region Blekinge, The Beatles Information Center, Clarion Hotel Carlscrona, BR Sound and Light.