Betnér/Hallberg - Burn down the house

Betnér/Hallberg - Burn down the house

Two of Sweden's most skilled storytellers are joining forces for a massive double tour in spring 2024!

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Together, Magnus Betnér and Nisse Hallberg will take the audience to the core of humor and on a journey through the raw, self-exposing, and authentic aspects of comedy. Don't miss the chance to see these two comedians at the peak of their abilities in the double show "Bränner Ner Huset" (Burning Down the House) in your city! The theaters in Sweden are preparing with extra fire extinguishers. Nisse and Magnus are definitely ready. Are YOU ready?

Magnus Betnér is a legendary figure in comedy. He is a provocateur, debater, and comedic genius. For over 25 years, Magnus Betnér has stirred emotions and has more shows under his belt than any other comedian in the country. Yet, he is far from satisfied. Come and experience one of Sweden's most influential comedians of all time, at the absolute peak of his ability. You can also hear him every week on his own podcast "Puss & Kram" (Kiss & Hug), together with Henrik Nyblom.

Nisse Hallberg is Sweden's best and most transparent storyteller in stand-up comedy. There is no flaw that Nisse doesn't bring to the stage. It is precisely there that shortcomings are ventilated and laughed at. He has been nominated multiple times at the Swedish Stand Up Gala and won the Show of the Year in 2022 with his solo show "Tomten Är Ensam" (Santa is Alone). During the spring, you can see Nisse in SVT's new comedy venture "Detektiverna" (The Detectives) and hear him every week on the podcast "Kafferepet" (The Coffee Break).

Duration: Approximately 90 minutes (without intermission) Price: Age limit: 13 years and above. Presented by: Kulturaktiebolaget & A Love Supreme