Blekinge Adventure Festival

Blekinge Adventure Festival

Blekinge's adventure festival is a weekend full of outdoor adventures for all tastes. Now it's time for the festival's third year, and this time it will take place throughout Blekinge on September 1-3, 2023.

What is Blekinge Adventure Festival?
On the program, activities have been carried out on land and at sea for daredevils, those looking for peace and everything in between. The festival has simply been one big experience arena for Blekinge's range of outdoor, adventure and active leisure. There has been everything from paddling and open-air flea markets to diving and the obstacle course race Run OCR.

Don't miss the chance to try something new!
Because the program is broad, we dare to promise that you will find something that suits you. Here you get the chance to, for example, learn to cook over an open fire, spend the night in a wind shelter, try yoga or feel the thrill of a rib boat.

Maybe you're obsessed with diving? We who live here in Blekinge have the sea and nature close by, so you have every opportunity to continue with your new "thing" when the festival weekend is over. Blekinge Adventure Festival gives you the opportunity to find motivation and inspiration in the wonderful environment we call "heaven".

Dragsö Camping:
Dragsö Camping will be inviting various companies to come and provide information at Dragsö Camping. Time and date will be announced later.

Health day at Skärva with free entrance, inspiration, lectures, trial activities, exhibitors, and sales. The health day is organized by and with members of WellNetWorks, consisting of health entrepreneurs in Blekinge.
Saturday 2/9 at 10am-4pm at Skärva eco-store.

Like and follow: On Facebook you will find inspiration and more.
A common outdoor program for the whole of Blekinge will be presented at a later point.

Book your place: It is important that you book a place for the activities in the program that require it ("registration required"). Bookings are made with the respective organizer, just follow the link in the program or take a look at the Facebook page.