Boat - Utklippan

Take the chance to visit the island Utklippan - so far southeast you can get in Sweden!

About an hour's boat ride from Handelshamnen is Utklippan, Sweden's southeasternmost archipelago with a large seal colony. The timetable is adapted so that you can hop off the boat and explore the island for about 1.5 hours before it takes you back to Karlskrona again. The boat depart from the commercial harbor (Handelshamnen, Karlskrona), wednesday-sunday during, June 28 - August 22, 2021. Departuretime Karlskrona: 12:00

To ensure space on board, pre-booking and ticket purchases are recommended through Nortic, see link below. The price (with reservation for changes) for a round-trip ticket for adult is, 260 SEK and 167 SEK for children / youth.

Other transportation alternatives to Utklippan, contact one of the companies for more information:
Karlskrona Sjötaxi: +46 738-56 39 99
Saltstänk: +46 733 40 29 40
Saltö Sjötaxi: +46 704 - 155 815
Sandhamn Marine: +46 455-514 00

The tour takes about 1 hour.
For prices look at the companies web-pages.