City walking tour - If the Russians came

City walking tour - If the Russians came

A city walking tour about the Cold War in underground bunkers in Karlskrona. Join the "Kulturkompaniet" on an exciting guided tour around and under Karlskrona!

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City walking tour "underground" in central Karlskrona. The tour is structured as a time travel that begins in 1923 and ends in 1959. In 1959, we will stand thirty meters down in the bedrock in a bomb-proof facility originally designed for 6,000 people.

The facilities visited show how the military-influenced city of Karlskrona had to be adapted for an increased military threat during the 20th century - especially from the east during the Cold War. But actually, the story of the city's underground facilities begins in the 1880's.

Meeting point: The town hall steps at Stortorget
Language: Swedish
Price: 200 SEK
Duration: 1 hour and 40 minutes

Note! Children under 12 do not accompany for free on this walk.
Tickets are available for purchase online at, and at the Karlskrona Tourist Center.