Collect the animals along the Coastal Road

Collect the animals along the Coastal Road

Welcome to this year's children's activities! Now, there are 'Collect the animals along the Coastal Road' and the 'Activity Challenge' ready for all children who want to explore the beautiful coastal road in a different way!

To be able to participate in the activities, you need a card that can be purchased at selected locations along the coastal road or at the Tourist Center. The card costs 40 SEK.

Collect the animals along the Coastal Road by orienting yourself using the map on the card and finding the signs with the different plants. Each sign has a corresponding punch that you use to punch out the box for each animal on the card. When you have found all the animals, show the card to Brömsehus Café or Café Sött och Salt, and you will receive something sweet!

There is also the Activity Challenge for all children and adults who are full of energy and looking for some physical challenges. The card is meant to inspire you to further explore the places mentioned on the card. The activity card works almost all year round.

Buy the card at:
Tourist Center Karlskrona - Brömsehus Café - Café Sött och Salt - Torhallen
Orranäs Gårdsmejeri - Smaklöken Jämjö Lanthandel