Concert - Dad Harmony

Concert - Dad Harmony

DAD Harmony goes from TikTok to stages all over Sweden.
A bunch of ordinary dads from Skellefteå have attracted millions of followers on TikTok and Instagram with their acapella. This fall, they will complete their first Sweden tour and visit the Karlskrona concert hall on December 17 at 19.00.

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Dad Harmony got its start in an unusual place. It all started at a stag party, where the members filmed themselves singing acapella in a hot tub. The clip was then posted on TikTok, where it spread like wildfire and quickly went viral. Since then, Dad Harmony has continued to find success on TikTok, posting clips of themselves singing acappella, attracting hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Their popularity has also reached beyond Sweden's borders and it is in the USA, Germany, Japan and France that the group has the most followers. Dad Harmony is an innovative music group consisting of the five musicians: Peter Vidmark, Tomas Vidmark, Sebastian Åkesson, Adam Stenlund and Michael Åberg.

Dad Harmony, who are known for interpreting songs in a unique way in a familiar environment, now take the stage on Sweden's stages for exclusive concerts. With its unique and talented composition of members and their passion for music, Dad Harmony offers memorable nights.

Krall Entertainment and United Stage present.

Ticket info:
Price SEK 495.

Age limit: No age limit, recommended from 5 years, all children regardless of age need their own ticket!

Duration: approx. 65 min, no break.