Concert - Hannah Tolf kvartett

Concert - Hannah Tolf kvartett

Hannah Tolf's music pours in. Relentless, wild and wonderful.
It spreads, expands and lives as a natural extension of her phenomenal voice.
The critically acclaimed debut album The Park was released in 2014 on Havtorn Records and was described by the media as "a tribute to life and man".

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Hannah Tolf - vocals and composition
Donovan von Martens - bass
Jonathan Albrektson - synths and piano
Emil Blommé - drums

Adult SEK 200
Pensioner SEK 170
Member SEK 150
Student over 20 SEK 50
Students under the age of 20 free

Advance purchase Karlskrona Turistcenter: 0455 – 303490 or via Nortic, see link below.

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