Concert - The Planets

Concert - The Planets

Together with the jubilarian Gustav Holst's music, you take off from Earth and embark on a journey through the universe.

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Holst's impressive suite "The Planets" reflects a colorful and adventurous sound world, almost as if it were written for the silver screen. It is fascinating to think that Holst created this masterpiece as early as 1916, when sound film did not yet exist and silent film music was mostly performed on the piano. Despite this, Holst showed a confident sense of the dramatic, something that would later inspire many film composers, especially John Williams, whose music for Star Wars clearly bears influences from Holst's work.

Holst was deeply involved in the astrological symbolism of the planets and chose in his suite to disregard the Earth's position in the universe. According to astrology, it is our planet that is affected by the others. Each planet was instead placed in the suite based on their astrological relationship to each other. Hence, the piece begins with the warlike Mars and moves inward from the solar system, and after Mercury moves outward from Jupiter to Neptune.

Program: Gustav Holst – The Planets

Ticket info:
Tickets via Karlskrona Tourist Center 0455-30 34 90 and Remaining tickets from 18.00 in the Sparresalen foyer

Ticket prices:
Adult – 150 SEK
Children/youth up to 18 years – 15 SEK

Concert length:
Concert without intermission – Approx. 1 h 15 min