Concert with Sanne Salomonsen - Music & Stories

Concert with Sanne Salomonsen - Music & Stories

Sanne Salomonsen is one of the absolute top rock singers that the Nordic region has ever seen. For decades, she has shaken us all with her music and her superpower.

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She was born in the neighborhood of Fredriksberg in Copenhagen in 1955. Already at the age of 11, she started her first band, and just a few years later, she made her musical debut in the role of Sheila in the musical Hair.

Her first record was released in 1972, and from 1980 to 1985, she was the lead singer of the band Sneakers. In 1988, she had her big breakthrough in Sweden as well, with tremendous success with the song "Den jag elsker," which also earned her a Grammy award. After that, her career took off in many directions, with numerous hits in both Sweden and Denmark, as well as countless feature films and extensive live tours.

Between 1985 and 1992, Sanne was married to the Swedish artist and songwriter Mats Ronander, and they were both living in Stockholm at the time. They have a son named Ray, who, like his parents, has chosen to become a musician/producer.

Sanne considers herself a lover of Sweden and feels partly Swedish. She has been eagerly waiting for the right opportunity to reconnect with the Swedish audience. It finally happened in the summer of 2023 when she made her first appearance as a guest on the radio show "Sommar i P1." The reception was warm, and the praises were many. In connection with the creation of the radio program, the idea arose to go on a tour in Sweden. A tour that combines music and stories; Sanne Salomonsen - Music & Stories will premiere in February 2024.

Paraply is delighted to announce that they have had the honor of organizing two stops on the tour.

Tickets will be released on Friday, November 17th, at 09:00 on