Concert - Tom Wait evening with The Soft Bonemachine

Concert - Tom Wait evening with The Soft Bonemachine

On February 24, the trio Soft Bonemachine will come to Live in the living room to brighten the evening with their interpretations of Tom Waits' incredible song treasure.

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Tom Waits' early career was characterized by a more traditional singer-songwriter approach with albums such as "Closing Time" (1973) and "Heart of Saturday Night" (1974). But it was with the album “Swordfishtrombones” (1983) that his music took a dramatic turn. He began experimenting with soundscapes, incorporating unusual instruments and creating songs that were edgy, dark and full of stories about the shadowy wonderland of the night.

Soft Bonemachine, is the trio that challenges both themselves and the audience with different and tasteful interpretations of the fantastic artist Tom Waits. Even similar, accurate versions are presented and promise to convert the uninitiated as well as satisfy the discerning and knock the geek crowd!

Douglas Unger vocals, Fredrik Hermansson piano & Andreas Lundhäll bass are all musicians with roots in Stockholm where they worked together in different constellations. They have to some extent also written music together but also participated with other artists such as Zara Larsson, Ane Brun, Henrik Dorsin and Tomas Andersson Wij.

Holding times:
19.00 – The bar in the foyer at The Pot opens
19.30 – Doors to the living room
20.00 – Concert