Energize Your Life - workshop with Janesh Vaidya

Energize Your Life - workshop with Janesh Vaidya

You do not need any previous experience of yoga or Ayurveda. You can participate regardless of health condition and age. Welcome!

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After the pandemic, there are many who wish to gain a deeper insight into their health and more concrete help to improve it, which requires a more focused atmosphere rather than just an entertaining lecture. That's why Janesh Vaidya this year has upgraded his most popular lecture, Energize Your Life, into a workshop,

In this workshop you will be guided by two experts in this field: Janesh Vaidya and Malin Barrling - the authors of one of the best-selling yoga books in Sweden: Yoga Är Min Terapi.

Janesh Vaidya, CEO of Vaidya's Ayurveda Village in Kerala, South India, is an inspirational speaker and author. His seven books have been published in Swedish and translated into a further eight languages.

Malin Barrling, ayurvedic yoga therapist, has worked with yoga around the world for 20 years. She creates individualized yoga therapy programs for her clients symptoms and also trains future yoga therapists to help people maintain healthy lives.

The theme of the workshop is how to release the flow of life energy by correcting your posture. During the 24 hours of the day, we humans naturally stay in three positions - standing, sitting and lying down. Due to our modern lifestyle, these three postures become unnatural which leads to improper body functions and thus blocks the energy.

The workshop is in English and easy to understand.

Location: Amiralsgården Verstorp Karlskrona

Tickets are sold via Tickster (See link below)