Shopping. In the middle of the archipelago.

Shopping i Karlskrona

In the centre of Karlskrona - in the middle of the archipelago, you will find three shopping malls, designer shops, delicatessens, art galleries and market stalls. Many shops are to be found along and around the two streets of Ronnebygatan and Borgmästargatan. Don't forget to visit the side streets, here you will find several unique shops with "that little extra." There are over 200 shops in Karlskrona and the assortment is varied, with everything from well-known brands and chains to unique, local shops offering a hand-picked selection of goods.

Shopping outside the centre
There are further shopping facilities outside the centre. Several major commercial districts, e.g. Amiralen and Slottsbacken, offer shops for the entire family. Restaurants, chemist’s shops, furniture stores, home furnishing, electronics chains and banks are also to be found here.

Market on the Great Square

In Karlskrona there is a thriving market trading on the Great Square in the center, mainly on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The market trade in Karlskrona has a long tradition and is a popular and appreciated way to shop locally produced flowers, berries, eggs, fruit and vegetables among others. Weekdays and Saturdays: 8 am - 3 pm. (Approx times, which may vary.)