Family day at Västra udde

Family day on Västra udde

Family day on Västra udde with activities, shows, clowns, boats and songs.

There will be sausage offered, candy-floss, drinks and coffe. Activities and shows with Anastasia Hellqvist, David Månsson and the clown Tito with figure balloons to the kids.

Anstasia Hellqvist 11:00
David Månsson 11:30 - 12:30
Sockervadd 12:00 - 14:00

During the day modelboats will be shown. The sea rescue society from Hasslö (12:00) as well as the sea scouts that will come and show their boats up.

Anastasia Hellqvist will also be singing during the day and KMS will show their member boats and offer shorter boat trips during the event.

Feel free to bring swimwear and your own blankets since there is a opportunity for a bath. Parents is responsible for their own kids!