Father's Day at Askunga Dovvilt

Come and celebrate Father's Day at Askunga Dovvilt! Lunch buffet and dessert are served between 12 - 14. NOTE! Seats for this session must be booked!

Hot smoked deer, Hot smoked Rödkulla beef, Hot smoked salmon fillet, Cold smoked wild boar sausage, Potato gratin, Pasta salad, green salad, accessories, bread, dessert cheese, jam etc.

Meringue pastry

Price: SEK 299 / pers
Child price by age.
Other serving 14.00-15.30
Game wrap, shrimp sandwich, game sandwich & coffee.

Catering is offered by:
* Sandwich cakes
* Cold-cut dish with potato gratin
* Shrimp sandwich
* Game sandwich

Princess cake
6-8 bits 325 kr
10-12 bits 425 kr