Fragrance Workshop - Make your own perfume.

Fragrance Workshop - Make your own perfume.

You will experience the finest compositions of the perfume world, exceptional and rare ingredients, and a fantastic atmosphere - all of this you will experience at this workshop.

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Welcome to Bottega Olfattiva's fragrance workshop - Sweden's most fragrant workshop in the eighth art - the art of perfumery.

Here, you will get to know the world's finest essences, oils, and raw materials (such as oud, ambergris, vetiver, various resins, absolutes, etc.). You will learn how to describe scents and create your own perfume that you can take home afterwards. You will be able to choose from approximately 210 different essences (both synthetic and natural) and oils, and create a fragrance that truly suits you.

Karolina only uses certified, high-quality ingredients and raw materials from leading suppliers in the fragrance market, such as Givaudan, Firmenich, or Symrise. All materials are tested by the manufacturer and are safe for cosmetic use. The raw materials should only be used on the skin in diluted form, so please avoid applying them directly to the skin if you are particularly sensitive. You will receive detailed instructions on how to blend the raw materials during the workshop.

The fragrance workshop is interactive, dynamic, and engages the sense of smell - to fully experience it, rest your nose and avoid strong scents, preferably starting from the day before, and do not wear perfume.

Bottega Olfattiva's fragrance workshop is an independent initiative and is not sponsored by any cosmetic brands or manufacturers. This type of independent perfume-making workshop is unique in Sweden. There is no sale of perfumes or cosmetic products involved.

Price - 1850 SEK