Free legal advice at the city library

Free legal advice at the city library

Do you need help or support with a legal problem? Then you can get free advice from lawyer Markus Segerström and assistant lawyer Simon Sundberg at the city library.

During the meeting, you will be able to speak with a lawyer for approximately 15 minutes. In the short time, no documents can be drawn up or other direct measures taken, but you will be given tips on how to proceed.

Where? Karlskrona city library
When? On 23/2, 22/3, 26/4 and 31/5 at 10.00-12.00

Limited number of seats! Pre-registration is done to, 0455-303460, or on site at the libraries in Karlskrona.

This is a collaboration between the Libraries in Karlskrona and Segerström Law Firm. The lawyers who participate do this in their spare time and receive no compensation.