Karlskrona Bravest

Karlskrona Bravest

The Karlskrona Bravest event will take place in central Karlskrona on May 11. Karlskrona Bravest is an obstacle course race in an urban environment, also a so-called OCR, Obstacle Course Race.

The race is suitable for anyone who wants to take on a fun challenge. In previous races, the youngest participant has been 14 years old and the oldest has been just over 70 years old. When working with your own body weight, for the most part, it is only you who sets the limits.
The race takes place in an urban environment, different distances are offered.

The next day, on May 12, the Bravest Family Run takes place, which is an adapted version of the challenge, where adults and children run together.

More about Karlskrona Bravest:
Karlskrona Bravest is arranged at Stortorget in Karlskrona, Saturday 11 May 2024, at 18.00 and Bravest Family Run, Sunday 12 May, at 13.00.
Registration, see link below.
Read more about Karlskrona Bravest at: www.karlskronabravest.se