Karlskrona Film studio - Spring shows

Karlskrona Film studio - Spring shows

Monday, January 22, 2024, Karlskrona filmstudio starts again!

Movies are shown on Mondays at 17:30 and 20:00 in theater 4 at Biostaden, Ronnebygatan 28, Karlskrona. The spring film screenings start on 22/1. To be able to see the movies, you must have purchased a membership card for the term.

22/1 - The Kiss:
Denmark, 1913, just before the First World War. Anton is a noble young man in the middle of his officer training. One evening, he is invited to a ball at Baron Løvenskjold's magnificent manor. Unaware, he invites the baron's beautiful daughter, Edith, to dance, but since she is lame in both legs, she ends up in an extremely embarrassing situation. Tormented by guilt, Anton becomes a frequent guest at the manor. Edith quickly falls in love with the charming cadet, but his feelings are unfortunately only about friendship and compassion. Unable to be honest with Edith, Anton entangles himself in a web of increasingly worse lies and promises that quickly reach a dangerously life-threatening level.

29/1 - Call Me Lucía:
Everyone carries something with them when the family gathers to spend the summer together in the Basque countryside. Complicated parent relationships, unresolved conflicts, differing opinions on child rearing, and an impending divorce. Eight-year-old Aitor, whom everyone believes is a boy, is completely sure that it's not true. No one listens except the patient and understanding great aunt Lourdes, who encourages Aitor to give himself a name that suits better.

5/2 - Jeanny du Barry:
Jeanne du Barry tells the story of the woman who, through her cunning and charm, made a class leap from the most humble circumstances to King Louis XV's inner circle at Versailles. The stormy romance that follows between the king and the courtesan leads to both controversy and strong love.

12/2 - Reality:
On June 3, 2017, 25-year-old Reality Winner returns from her errands to find two FBI agents outside her home. They begin a cryptic interrogation about her time in the U.S. Air Force and her job as a translator for the NSA. Reality's life slowly begins to unravel. Was she responsible for leaking a classified document about Russia's involvement in the 2016 U.S. election?

26/2 - A Breakfast on the Mountain:
The successful entrepreneur Vincent excels in every situation. He lives life at full throttle, constantly seeking new challenges. So when his sleek car suddenly dies on a mountain road far from civilization and Wi-Fi, the stress is enormous. After all, he has a schedule to keep! When the unkempt and laid-back Pierre comes to Vincent's rescue, his gratitude is immense. Pierre is truly his polar opposite. The simple lifestyle far from the center of events seems to be exactly what the stressed Vincent needs. But is it that simple to just reset, and does Pierre really live the life he wants?

4/3 - R.M.N - Cold Winter:
In the borderland between Romania and Hungary, Transylvania has been an ethnically mixed area for centuries. But when Matthias returns home after getting tired of his xenophobic boss in Germany, he not only reunites with his son, his wife, and his mistress, but also with a place characterized by suspicion and racial tensions.

11/3 - The Miracle in Gullspång:
A dramatic documentary about family, secrets, and our need to have something to believe in. A sign from God leads two Norwegian sisters to buy an apartment in the Swedish town of Gullspång. When they meet the apartment owner at the real estate office, she is a copy of their deceased older sister, who committed suicide 30 years earlier. What begins as a fairy-tale family reunion turns into a thrilling drama about lies, secrets, and the importance of faith.

18/3 - The City of Lost Children:
On an old oil rig, the power-hungry Krank reigns. He ages prematurely because he lacks the ability to dream. Together with his Cyclops, he kidnaps a large group of children from the nearby port city to steal their dreams. But when One's little brother is kidnapped, he takes matters into his own hands to track down Krank and his accomplices.

25/3 - Scrapper:
Despite being only twelve years old, Georgie manages on her own by stealing bikes with her best friend Ali. At home in the apartment, she builds a secret world, with spiders as her only company. After her mother passed away from cancer and her father took the opportunity to leave, Georgie has become somewhat of an expert at manipulating all the adults who constantly show up and disturb. When her father suddenly returns, she tries to pull the same tricks on him, but it turns out they have more in common than just their DNA.

8/4 - The Teacher's Room: Carla is an ambitious young teacher whose student is accused of theft on prejudiced grounds. However, she has other suspicions and decides to conduct her own investigation. It becomes a fateful decision that turns students, parents, and teachers against her.