Lecture at BTH - Performance Enhancement and Overload

Lecture at BTH - Performance Enhancement and Overload

BTH Sports Academy, in collaboration with RF SISU Blekinge, has invited Richard Johansson, a physician specializing in sports medicine. Richard runs RJ Medicin and collaborates with several teams and individual athletes to optimize the sports medicine aspect of their performance results.

The lecture combines scientific facts with Richard's experience as a sports physician.

How should one train to optimize performance? What happens when we overload ourselves, and what are the consequences when we get injured? How are nutrition, sleep, and supplements related to performance, recovery, and the risk of injury?

Richard Johansson owns and operates RJ Medicin, a medical consulting company specializing in sports and health. He is both a licensed physician and a certified personal trainer. Richard has extensive knowledge in sports medicine, where he helps elite sports teams and individual clients perform at the highest level while preventing injuries and health issues. He is also a highly regarded speaker who scientifically and inspiringly informs employees of companies, as well as athletes in associations and clubs, on how to enhance their performance.

The lecture in Karlskrona is a hybrid lecture.
The lecture will be held in Swedish.

Join digitally at: https://bth.zoom.us/j/9773326670
The lectures are open to everyone. Welcome!

For questions, please contact Martin Söderberg: martin.soderberg@bth.se.

Richard Johansson
Physician, specialized in sports medicine
Monday, June 5th | 19:00-20:30
Campus Karlskrona - Multisalen
Digital via Zoom. More information at bth.se
Performance Enhancement and Overload
Open lecture with BTH Sports Academy