Lecture - A First Admiral in the shadow of Chapman

A lecture on Anton Johan Wrangel (1724-1799) with Peter Althini, certified World Heritage Guide

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Anton Johan Wrangel was Count, First Admiral, Excellency, Seraphim Knight and one of the lords of the kingdom. He held significant positions in the Navy's Karlskrona throughout Chapman's time here and also played a central role in the Battle of Hogland.

Wrangel's grave is, completely anonymously, under the floor of Kristianopel church.
Contemporary with Chapman and Wrangel is one of the most famous composers of the time, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and as part of the lecture, he is also offered music by organist Magnus Trönnberg.

Friday 22/10 19: 00-20: 30
Kristianopel Church
Max 30 people