Lecture - We'll see eachother in heaven

Lecture - We'll see eachother in heaven

From darkness and thoughts of suicide to tools that save lives! A life-saving lecture on shame, self-esteem, and mental health! Are you—or someone you know—struggling with mental health issues? Do you recognize feelings of shame and fear? Or are you suffering in silence, emotionally isolated, or feeling alone and invisible to the world?

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Niclas Aronsson has been there. He held a suicide note in his hand, ready to end his life. From that moment, he has emerged from the dark times and is now a highly respected and frequently booked speaker on the subject.

Highlights from the lecture:
Gain a deeper understanding of the psychology driving shame, guilt, and the stigma around mental health.
Learn tools and strategies that can make a real difference in your journey (or a loved one’s) toward well-being and better self-esteem.
Discover the K.A.S tool—the difference that makes a difference for both you and everyone around you!

Who is it for?
This lecture is for anyone affected by mental health issues—personally, through someone close, or professionally in their work. You will relate to many aspects of the lecture and Niclas’s story and gain tools that can be applied in your daily life or profession.

About Niclas:
Niclas Aronsson is not only an inspiring speaker who has attracted over 15,000 people to his lectures in the past year but is also an experienced therapist in the field of mental health and addiction. With a background in elite sports and over 10 years of personal experience with mental health issues, he offers unique insights and concrete tools to tackle and overcome the culture of silence in our everyday lives!

After the lecture:
Niclas will stay after the lecture, so feel free to ask your questions or share your thoughts with him afterward!

Length - 2h with 20 min intermission