The letter hunt is back!

The forest is open! Embark on a letter hunt in the forest with the help of a map!

A new hunt every two weeks during the spring and summer of 2021. Letter hunting can be a very good activity for the whole family. From week 19, letters have been placed in Wämöparken, Bastasjö, Rödeby and Västra Mark. Get your free map in Bokstavsjakten's mailboxes at Wämöparken's bulletin boards at the large dance floor and mini-zoo, the bulletin board behind the changing rooms Västra Mark IP, at our association cabins Bastasjöstugan and Dackestugan in Rödeby. It is also possible to download the maps directly from the website.

Find a letter in the center of the ring, write it down, then continue with the other rings. Form as many words as you can and email your words to

If you take a picture of your collected words or of something you found in the forest that you think is exciting, you can post it on instagram and tag with #bokstavsjakten #karlskronasok or just email the picture to Karlskrona SOK.