Live music at Smoke BBQ - Dan Hylander

Live music at Smoke BBQ - Dan Hylander

After a couple of lost years, it's finally time again. However, we take one positive thing with us. During the gigs that took place during the pandemic, it was discovered that there will be a special atmosphere when you can see the audience in the eyes.

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Smoke BBQ continues with it but on a slightly larger scale. The trio / Quartet is a special project as it is also largely based on communication on stage. No pre-recorded backgrounds or other crutches. Only 3-4 musicians listening to each other. The vocals also become very central.

At the same time, these are busy days when Dan Hylander & Raj Montana Band's farewell album is being completed. After Pelle Alsing's tragic death, it is made from the material that was already recorded,

The first single comes in April / May and the rest during the summer.
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On Thursday, June 30th, Dan Hylander will take the stage in the courtyard. Welcome!

Price: 395 SEK
Date: June 30th
The music starts: 9 P.M.
Open from: 5 P.M.