For most of us, where we live is the place that we can always go back to. It may also be a place that is only temporary or a place we can never leave at all. As long as humans have existed, securing a safe space to live has been crucial to our survival. From the caves of Africa to the islands of Dubai, we have come quite a long way. Since there are untold numbers of dwellings that can be seen from space, the images shown in this part of the exhibition are by necessity only a small sample of the many varieties of living spaces that we occupy.

The development of sustainable and affordable housing is a pressing issue for our species. Indeed, the ever-growing need to maximise our living space in order to cope with the influx of humans into cities is deeply connected to the challenges. What we can see from space only tells a piece of the complete story. Nevertheless, from these macro views, we can start to get a better idea of what the conditions might be like on the ground, what is working well, and what we can do to make things better.

overview Karlskrona

The city in the sea
Karlskrona lies like a pearl in the archipelago. The city center is the island of Trossö, but in total the city is located on 33 islands that are continuing to develop. Building a sustainable city on water is a challenge, but not impossible.

We want Karlskrona to be an attractive place to live and work. To achieve this, we need to develop the city center, create possibilities for the archipelago and develop the outer areas. To our assistance is the Karlskrona City Plan 2050 that is currently out for citizen dialogue.
In the city center, development has exploded in recent years. The entire main square is being redesigned, Hogland's park has received a facelift, Pottholmen will be a whole new district in the center and much more. In the future, a visionary redesign of the city's entrance awaits with development on Hattholmen and a new cultural center in the middle of the main square. In this way, residents and visitors will be invited to the heart of the city center and the world heritage. Design is of great importance for the city's architectural and cultural historical values.

Karls Krona – a new cultural center on the main square 

Extension of Scandic hotel right next to newly built Brinova Arena Karlskrona. Good neighbors that create conditions for the tourism industry.
Strategy for Vision 2050
The new World Trade Center is being built at Pottholmen, which is a downtown area undergoing transformation. It will be a new hub for business where ideas are born and new relationships are created locally, regionally and internationally.
Pottholmen - about 400 homes
Kilströms Kaj - about 50 homes
Sustainable travel 
In Karlskrona, there is a long-term goal that at least 30% of local residents should ride a bike to work or school by 2030. The bicycle strategy is part of reducing cars and promoting more sustainable travel over time. An increase in bicycle and public transport supports people with poorer economic opportunities and contributes to increased equality. The development of accessible and well-adapted bicycle routes and bus connections is a prerequisite for sustainable travel.
Living archipelago 
Sustainable archipelago development is dependent on the fact that buildings are concentrated in strategically good locations to strengthen service and public transpor - for example shuttle boats from the city center to Sturkö and Hasslö the whole year. This means that other parts of the archipelago with high natural values ​​can be maintained for outdoor, plant and animal life. An innovative area where living and life style are built on social and ecological qualities.
With man and nature at the center, smaller homes are offered with communal facilities such as car pool, overnight apartments, social spaces and car-free zones - all in a coastal and scenic location. 
There are many ports whose development is of great importance. The purpose is to create a network of ports and service points for an efficient water infrastructure. With fast, seaborne public transport, it becomes possible to live in the middle of a unique archipelago and at the same time work or study in a world heritage city.

Blue entrance
Karlskrona has the potential to strengthen its connection to the archipelago. The main concept proposed is to re-establish the feeling of islands around the city center where Hattmakareholmen, Skomakarholmen and Pantarholmen form a new entrance to the island Trossö. Here you are welcomed via a landscape of bridges, water and mixed-use buildings to the city in the sea.

Rural development
Karlskrona is growing, connecting neighborhoods and outer areas. One of the development projects is Trummenäs, more specifically Gängletorp and Torstäva, which today mainly consists of agricultural land and forest. Here, neighborhoods are planned with a denser urban structure. The area has been divided into zones with different structures; urban areas close to service and center functions and smoother buildings in the outer areas. Walking, cycling and public transport are prioritized in a street layout that consists of smaller sections for increased security. Coherent green areas lead to larger forest areas and a system of trails provides varied walks.