Love Spring - ARK56

Love Spring - ARK56

Wonderful spring experiences when the forest's leafs explodes!
ARK56 Love Spring (Älska Vår) is three days filled with activities and experiences for the family, the adventurer and the lover of life. Cycle, hike, paddle or set out at a leisurely pace to experience nature, history and delicious flavors. Everything takes place during Walborg weekend and in connection with ARK56 - Linking coastal trails in a UNESCO biosphere area.

Regardless of how much action we're looking for, whether we're out most of the time or want to cozy up with a coffee. Regardless of whether we just want to enjoy nature or gain a lot of new knowledge in return. Regardless. That's how we love ours. Nature gains color, smells and the sun returns. ÄlskaVår is three days with all that is so wonderful about spring. Three days for those who have a lot of running in their legs, for those who want to find something nice to do with the family, for those who want to learn something new or want something good to eat. There are many places in the biosphere area that are unique and worth discovering. Its natural and cultural values are special to Blekinge and Blekinge's coast and archipelago is known for its broadleaf forests that go all the way down to the water. ARK56 guides you through the biosphere area and during ÄlskaVår there are a lot of activities. Check out the map or program to see how you can join a day or do as much as possible.

When you participate in one of the activities, you collect "check-ins", stickers that give you something extra at the eateries participating in ÄlskaVår. Just present the folder with your pasted-on badges when you order.

If you collect three or more check-ins during the days, you can also participate in the competition for fantastic prizes.

Read more about check-ins and the competition via the link below.