Lyckå Chamber Music Festival - 40 Years!

Lyckå Chamber Music Festival - 40 Years!

An international festival in Blekinge, from June 30 to July 7 and this year with a 40th anniversary celebration. Ticket release June 14th.

Lyckå Chamber Music Festival - Re-Creation

The theme of Re-Creation revolves around creation, re-creation, and innovation; in classics such as Bach, Mozart, Schubert, Dvořák, and others, but also extending into cross-border domains like folk music and jazz/improvisational music.

Václav Havel and the Czech influence serve as sources of inspiration for this year's Lyckå Chamber Music Festival, which will have a humanistic starting point. This has inspired the formation of a Lyckå Chamber Music Festival that hopefully has something meaningful to convey - with the key words being "farewell - a new world". Lyckå Chamber Music has much to share that you can look forward to.

This year's festival includes 12 program points with concerts, performances, and dialogues, as well as symphony orchestra productions!
Artistic Director: Berth Nilsson.

Follow the event link below for more information about the times and the program!