Marinens musikkår - Von Koch / Peterson-Berger

Marinens musikkår - Von Koch / Peterson-Berger

Marinens musikkår celebrate the treasure of Swedish music and perform new instrumentations and arrangements of works by two of our greatest Swedish composers: Erland von Koch and Wilhelm Peterson-Berger.

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Wednesday, October 23, 19:00
Sparresalen, Karlskrona

Under the direction of Jerker Johansson, who has also adapted the evening's music for wind orchestra, we will get to know these composers more closely.

The evening begins with Erland von Koch's dynamic and descriptive orchestral works, which capture the beauty and power of the Nordic nature. Von Koch, known for his rich harmonies and vibrant melodies, strives in his compositions for a simple, clear, melodic style, often linked to folk tunes and with a strong, rhythmic profile.

Then we will enjoy Wilhelm Peterson-Berger's romantic and atmospheric compositions, where his love for the Swedish countryside and its culture is clearly evident. Peterson-Berger, a master of creating lyrical and melodic works, will offer a beautiful contrast to von Koch's more modern expression.

From the program:

Erland von Koch - Autumn Pastoral from "Four Seasonal Pastorals"
Erland von Koch - Suite from "Cinderella"
Wilhelm Peterson-Berger - Prelude to "Sveagaldrar"
Wilhelm Peterson-Berger - Suite from "The Tale of the Sleeping Beauty"