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Discover Torhamn

Petroglyphs, bird watching, hiking and café visits in Torhamnslandet.

An article by Andreas Mattisson / Nature By Andreas 2021-05-14

East of Karlskrona can you find Torhamn. Torhamn's cape is associated with high quality bird watching. Not only locally, but also nationally, our local gem is known for its birds. Torhamn is also associated with exciting ancient monuments and beautiful nature. Isn't that typical anyway? That we live next door to a place like this that people from all over Sweden go to experience, but have we never been there ourselves? Not me anyway. Even though it is barely 30 minutes by car.

If there is one thing 2020 taught us, it is to discover our local environment.

What could be better than a day trip to a place like this? Join me, and I'll tell you more about what you'll find along the way.

If you take the car and drive on E22,  you turn off the E22 at Jämjö, it is not far to Torhamn.
Along the way, there is no need to hurry. There are many places here worth a stop.
Near by there are two nature reserves - Hallarumsvikens Naturreservat and Färskesjöns Naturreservat.

Hallarumsviken can be reached by both bus or car and is a scenic area with oak forests, cliffs and fields. The fresh lake is, as it sounds, just a lake. More specifically, Sweden's southeasternmost lake and is a popular bathing lake with fine, clear water. In the area around the lake there are hiking trails in beautiful deciduous forest.

The whole area is also known for its ancient remains from the Bronze Age. If you are interested in a really exciting excursion destination with a clear ancient monument, "Hästhallen's" petroglyph are a short distance south in Möckleryd.

These petroglyph were created 1000 years before Christ. So they are over 3000 years old !? Isn't that incredible?

The petroglyph represent different animals, people, ships and objects and no less than 140 different carvings have been identified. This makes Hästhallen's petroglyph Blekinge's largest. During the latest inventory of the area, a variety of remains were discovered that were previously unknown.

The entire Torhamn is surrounded by water and it is never far for a swim or coffee.
Gisslaviks Camping, for example, has a nice beach for those who want to take a dip. Torhamn itself is well worth a visit. The village was formerly called Torum, and you come here either by car, bus or even better with one of Karlskrona's Archipelago boats.

You simply step in the middle of Karlskrona and the journey between the archipelago's islands, out to Torhamn, is an experience in itself.


Torhamn itself is a small harbor with jetties, boathouses and the pleasant restaurant Kafé Måsen, with generous opening hours during the season. This cozy café serves both food, coffee and drinks and taking a break from the outdoor terrace, right next to the sea, is a real hit! We can highly recommend a prawn sandwich with something good to drink!

A short walk from the harbor is Torhamn's Church. The church was built at the end of the 19th century and there was previously an even older church on the site. Of the older one, the pulpit from the early 17th century remains, and that can be viewed inside the church.


At the end of the Torhamn is what is called "Torhamns Udde". This headland extends far into the sea and here you are met by a heathland landscape with juniper bushes, beach meadows and stone walls, not unlike what we find on southern Öland, and so birds of course. Thousands of birds! About 40 nesting species are seen here and during the spring and autumn thousands of birds pass during their migration. The mighty sea eagle is regularly seen out here and with a little patience and luck you can sometimes see it hunting. At the far end of the headland there is a very nice tower to look out for. Next door is also Torhamn's Bird Station which is run by Karlskrona Ornithological Club.

Now we hope for a really lovely summer so we can explore all known and unknown excursion gems around Karlskrona.
Tag your photos from Torhamn with #visitkarlskrona and share your experiences!

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