Paintball - Primo Victoria Paintball & Party

Paintball - Primo Victoria Paintball & Party

A colorful paintball experience, play on both speedball and woodland courses.

Welcome to play paintball at Primo Victoria Paintball & Party in Karlskrona. Here, you get offered a colorful paintball experience with the game on both speedball and woodland course. So why not pull together a group of friends and celebrate the birthday or bachelor party with a paintball!

If You would like to eat or take a coffee break after the game, there is a barbecue area and a small cafe with cold drinks and snacks at your disposal.

If anyone wishes a "Take Home experience" rather than to experience it on Primo Victoria's courses, you can get a complete paintball package delivered for the game on your own land or place. The package includes markers, overalls, masks and a game master / instructor and can be booked for games throughout the Blekinge.

Primo Victoria is found on the island Senoren in the archipelago of Karlskrona, with only 20 minutes drive from Karlskrona.