Omslagsbild på Inte helt 100

Performance: Jesper Odelberg and the Band Walks - Not Entirely 100

"Inte helt 100" is a performance about the fragility of life and the struggle for human dignity, delivered as a mosaic of experiences with humor, seriousness, song, and music.

Jesper Odelberg presents both his own creations and others', together with Gunnar Frick on keyboards and guitar, Bengan Blomgren on electric guitar, Nikke Ström on bass, and Julia Schabbauer on drums. Additionally, Love Antell has created artworks in a slideshow.

Jesper Odelberg is an experienced artist, primarily known as a stand-up comedian, but he has also acted on stage and in radio, appeared on Norwegian TV, and writes his own songs.

The tour is part of DHR's centennial celebration, which will be celebrated throughout the country in 2023. All performances will take place in accessible venues.

Doors open at 7 pm. The performance lasts for 90 minutes without an intermission.
Tickets are sold only online via Tickster, see the link down below.