Queens - A grand show with the greatest hits

Queens - A grand show with the greatest hits

Just in time for the 50th anniversary of the recording of the group Queen's legendary debut album, there will now be a continuation of Queens tribute to the legendary group

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What a success it was! The spring tour with Queens was praised by the audience and received the highest grades by the media.

The band's treasure of songs needs no further presentation and the acts and shows that, with the inimitable music at the center, continued to spread the band's music and spirit are endless.

Finding a frontman worthy of shouldering the mantle after the legendary Freddie Mercury is no easy task and they have therefore chosen to focus on the music instead and interpret it with 4 fantastic singers.

In the 100-minute long show, the "queens" take on the music in a way that, without losing their recognisability, raises Queen's song treasure to unimagined heights. From the most languid ballads to the hits that guarantee hand claps and spontaneous dancing as well as sing-alongs.

Welcome to experience Queen in a whole new way! This is the next level, this is QUEENS!

Participating Nina Söderquist Anna Sahlene Anna-Mia Bonde Karin Funk Conductor Martin Olsson with live band

Nina Söderquist broke through to the broad masses with the win in the television series West End Star where she won a leading role in London's West End. With many hundreds of gigs behind him, rock tours with e.g. Kee Marcello, guest star in Queen shows with Peter Johansson, participant in the melody festival and countless show productions, Nina has deservedly received the nickname Sweden's Rock Queen.

Anna Sahlene Many years after her debut as "Anna" in "Alla vi barn i Bullerbyn", Anna has remained an appreciated and beloved artist. Most recently this year, she made it to the finals of the Estonian Melodifestival, the same country she competed for in Eurovision when she had her international breakthrough with the song "Runaway" in 2002. In addition to her hits from both the Swedish, Norwegian and Estonian Melodifestivals, Anna is also a frequently hired voice actor.

Anna-Mia Bonde Creative producer for Queens Multifaceted singer with over 30 years of experience in shows, tours, musicals and TV. Has sung with and behind most famous names in the country and portrayed Anni-Frid from ABBA all over the world and has been twice nominated for a Grammy together with the rock pioneers "The Nightflight Orchestra".

Karin Funk Educated at the University of Stage and Music in Gothenburg, Karin has played several prominent roles in musicals such as Chess, The Witches of Eastwick and The Phantom of the Opera. With her breadth as a singer, presenter, producer and creator, she has also been hired for countless events and show productions all over the world!

Saturday, March 23, 2024
Konserthusteatern in Karlskrona

The entrance opens on March 23 at 17.30
Starts on March 23 at 18:00

Organizer: MTLive