"Sommartorg" - Beach volleyball weeks

"Sommartorg" - Beach volleyball weeks

Beach volleyball at "Sommartorg" in Karlskrona.
The main square turns into a sandy beach in the middle of Karlskrona, where the associations organize exciting activities in beach volleyball, beach handball and beach soccer.

Bring your family and friends for a day filled with sports, laughter and summer.

Beach volleyball tournament - Come cheer and enjoy exciting matches!

27/6 at 5pm - 8pm Sommartoppen (Tournament)
28/6 at 2pm - 6pm Företagsbeachen
29/6 Tournament: SBT 2 Open Black, Ladies
30/6 Tournament: SBT 2 Open Black, Men
15/7 at 5pm - 8pm Youth training
16/7 at 5pm - 8pm Senior training
17/7 at 5pm - 8pm Youth training
18/7 at 5pm - 8pm Summer Peak (Tournament)
19/7 at 1pm - 6pm Exhibition tournament Elite: King/Queen of the Court
20/7 Tournament: SBT 1 Open Green, Ladies
21/7 Tournament: SBT 1 Open Green, Men

Try Beach Volleyball:
Karlskrona Volley welcomes everyone to try beach volleyball. No special equipment required, no shoes, bring a water bottle.

27/6 at 10am -5pm Try-on activity
28/6 at 10am-2pm Try-on activity
15/7 at 12pm-5pm Try-on activity
16/7 at 10am-5pm Try-on activity
17/7 at 10am-5pm Try-on activity
18/7 at 10am-5pm Try-on activity
19/7 at 10am-1pm Try-on activity

From June 27 to July 26, The main square will be transformed into a Summer Square filled with activities for the whole family.
Beacharena - various activities and matches - Volleyball, soccer and handball.

Open stage - For all those interested in culture, there will be an open stage on Stortorget. The open stage is aimed at those who want to try being on stage or who want a place to perform this summer.