Sommartorg  - Open stage

Sommartorg - Open stage

Singing, music, stand up or something completely different. During the summer, there is an Open Stage at The main square for those who are involved in culture and who want to take the chance to be seen.

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The open stage will be at The main square and is aimed at those who want to try being on stage and performing.

The stage will be open between 24 June - 26 July, Monday to Friday between 12pm and 4 pm.
You must book an appointment to use the stage and you do so via the form below.

On the stage there will be speakers, microphones, the possibility to plug in instruments and bluetooth.

From June 27 to July 26, The main square will be transformed into a Summer Square filled with activities for the whole family.
Beacharena - The association life will arrange various activities and matches - Volleyball, football and handball.
Open stage - For all those interested in culture, there will be an open stage on Stortorget. Here singers, musicians, stand-up artists and others can show off their talents.

The event is done in collaboration with Karlskrona Municipality, Karlskrona Volleyball, the Swedish Football Association in collaboration with local organizers, FK Karlskrona, IFK Karlskrona, HF Karlskrona, RF Sisu Blekinge and Musik i Blekinge.