Summer party at Trummenäs

Summer party at Trummenäs

The 29th of June, the "Summer Party at Trummenäs" will be arranged again in collaboration with Play Reklam&Event and Trummenäs Golf Club. Entertainment will be provided from 6 pm in the area until midnight. With this line-up, the Summer Party at Trummenäs 2024 is scaling up, and the entire event as well.

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Ticket release 25/3 at 10 a.m.
Artists for the evening

Through "Melodifestivalen", Theoz has become a well-known name among the Swedish people. In his first year, he made it all the way to the final with the song "Som du vill", which now has over 14 million streams on Spotify. The success continued in 2023 with the song "Mer av dig", another final placement making him one of the youngest to compete in the final twice.

Theoz is a Swedish artist, dancer, and actor. With over 2.5 million followers on social media, Theoz is Sweden's young rising star. In 2018, his hit single "Het" became the second most-watched music video on YouTube in Sweden, with over 14 million views today. That same year, Theoz was nominated for both "Profile of the Year" and " of the Year" at Guldtuben, and won "Rising Star of the Year" at ICONFEST.

Wilmer X:
They have celebrated 45 years as a band and have reached their 1000th performance. Impressive figures! In the fall of 2022, it was finally time for new music, after all, it had been 17 years since their last release. The album was followed by a largely sold-out tour - Wilmer X was back!

Perhaps it was there that the idea was born to become an active band again. One that didn't just come back now and then for brief appearances in the present but created new music again. The audience was certainly there. Perhaps even a larger audience than ever. It is on stage that the band is still one of the country's absolute best acts!

A pure, unadulterated love for music. For groovy rhythm & blues, gritty garage rock, raw blues, and catchy pop refrains. That's the foundation on which Wilmer X's forty-five-year career rests.)

Da Buzz:
With more than 13 Top 20 hits in Sweden, Da Buzz was one of our country's most played artists in the early 2000s. Songs like "Alive," "Do You Want Me," and "Dangerous" are still frequently played on national radio. The group also had significant international success, ranking high on Billboard with the single "Let Me Love You" in 2001.

Da Buzz is now celebrating 25 years with a brand new album and new singles. So, during the summer and fall of 2023, you can expect to hear a lot of new music from these Swedish legends. The group is also on a major tour during the summer, with both festivals and club performances, so expect sing-alongs this summer!

Date: June 29th, 2024
Time: 6 P.M.
Location: Trummenäs GK
Type: Concert
Organizer: Karlskrona Event Group

Tickets are sold at Karlskrona Tourist Center and online via, see the booking link below.