Summer yoga at Kilströmskaj

Summer yoga at Kilströmskaj

For the third summer, Hot Yoga Karlskrona will hold wonderful summer yoga at Kilströmskaj on the wooden deck on top of restaurant Kai. With the sea right in front of you and the sky above you!

Three occasions are booked:
6/6 at 10-11
9/7 at 10-11
20/8 at 10-11

Booking details will be updated as it gets closer.

Cost: SEK 100 per person

For those who have a period card (month/direct debit/year/intro/summer etc) in the studio, the summer classes at Kilströmskaj are included.

Info about yoga:
Lina at Hot Yoga Karlskrona will hold the popular Slow Flow class. You wake up the body, part by body part slowly and carefully. You start and finish lying/sitting and in between you will warm up in more dynamic standing yoga positions and flows. As usual, everyone can participate as you do yoga according to your own conditions with the body you have for the day.

Super enjoyable and beneficial for body, soul & mind!
Warm welcome!