The Swedish Songbook

The Swedish Songbook

The Swedish songbook is not only a tribute to all the fantastic artists and songwriters that our country has produced, but is also a journey through our musical heritage and the enormous treasure of music and song that is preserved there

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After the incomparable success of Thank you for the music, Kalle Moraeus, Gunilla Backman and Johan Boding have decided to deepen the collaboration and embark on a new joint tour. This time they will pay tribute to the Swedish songbook!

Prepare yourself for an evening filled with the best of the Swedish music treasure. The audience will experience fantastic interpretations by, among others, Bellman, Evert Taube, Lasse Berghagen, Cornelis Vreeswijk, Ted Gärdestad, Britt Lindeborg, Ulf Lundell to more modern artists and songwriters such as Mando Diao, Lisa Ekdahl, Eva Dahlgren, Laleh, Håkan Hellström, Veronica Maggio and others .

The trio will be backed up by Mikael "Nord" Andersson who both sings and is a guitarist in the show, this tribute show which contains some of the absolute best musicians we have in this country, all under the direction of Kapellmeister Johan Granström. A warm welcome to a full evening where we promise a lot of joy, emotions and sing-alongs!

"The Swedish Songbook"

Kalle Moraeus, Vocals, violin, guitar etc. Johan Boding, Vocals, guitar Gunilla Backman, Vocals Mikael Nord Andersson, Vocals, guitar Johan Granström, Bandmaster, bass, double bass Ander Lundkvist, Keyboard Johan Ramsay Löfkrantz, Percussion Jörgen Stenberg, percussion Pelle Grebacken, Blow Patrik Svedberg, Keyboard

Length: 2.5 h incl. 20 min break.

The entrance opens: 17:30
Starts: 18:00

Producer: MT Live AB