Theater - Loranga, Masarin & Dartanjang

Theater - Loranga, Masarin & Dartanjang

Loranga is an unusual dad, who always wants to compete and win against his poor son Masarin at all costs.

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Loranga leads a comfortable life because he cannot imagine working and wasting his best years. Dartanjang, Loranga's father, also lives on the farm. He's not doing so bad either because he wakes up every morning with a new identity. One day he's a plumber, another day he's Dr. Jansson, and occasionally he's himself, but then it's not fun.

Dartanjang's grandfather lives in a pine tree. He is so old that he can only eat seeds and crow like a cuckoo. Other people who show up at Loranga, Masarin, and Dartanjang's home are Angry Old Man, the police, and the hot dog seller. There are also rumors that there are tigers around.

Peter Sjöstrand's adaptation is based on the books by Barbro Lindgren, Loranga, Masarin & Dartanjang.

It's a crazy and colorful family show, filled with madness and mischief where the adult world meets the child's world. It's filled with humor and unbeatable imagination in a warm and fun story where the tigers can be a little scary. After the show, there is a photo session with the characters. Duration: about 40 minutes.

Producer: Peter Sjöstrand
Director: Åsa Wågman
Executive Producer: The Wave Theatre AB

Peter Sjöstrand
Jenny Herlin
Sören Schou