Theater performance - The Story of Love

Theater performance - The Story of Love

About the people who have loved with their lives at stake.
10,000 years of love history.

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When opera singer Rickard Söderberg reads between the lines in his old diaries, he finds a person struggling to find out who he really is. As he delves deeper into the story, it turns out that he is not the first to ask questions about the essence of love - the longing for love seems to have remained unchanged since the dawn of humanity.

This is the beginning of a journey through the history of love from the Stone Age to the present day. From cave paintings in Zimbabwe of loving men to same-sex passions in the Swedish peasant society. From religions' attempts to erase homosexual stories to unsung heroes who have acted in silence. From history's most flamboyant celebrities to his own Instagram everyday life with Friday tacos with his husband Anders.

Rickard was a success on the Riksteater stages in the spring of 2018, and now he is back with a performance where his unique blend of music, artistry, and activism is fully expressed on stage.

Join us on the forbidden history of love! On national theater tour in the spring of 2024.

Tickets are sold at the Karlskrona tourist center and online via, see the booking link below.

Price: from 50 SEK - 250 SEK
Location: Karlskrona Concert Hall
Time: 7 P.M.

Rickard Söderberg
Jon Lundberg
Johan Reis

Artistic team By and with: Rickard Söderberg
Director: Melker Sörensen
Lighting design: Jörgen Haimanas
Dramaturge: Ninna Tersman.