There has never been a woman like Anna Karenina

There has never been a woman like Anna Karenina

Theatre in Swedish - In a celebrated new interpretation, Tone Schunesson and Ragna Wei, loosely based on Leo Tolstoy's novel, have created a dark and glittering triangle drama.

Anna Karenina is not unhappy but not happy either. Sure there is love in her marriage, just not that euphoric, freaking, wonderful, passionate love. The one she doesn't even know she misses, before she meets Count Vronsky and her whole life is turned upside down.

The great passion hits them and they begin a forbidden love affair. Anna is filled with life, desire and longing of jealousy, doubt and anguish. She who has a husband and children, what should she do now? What she feels, it's just not possible to un-feel. Anna Karenina is faced with a fateful choice. What is the price of a passion so strong that neither she herself, nor the world around her, becomes the same after it.

19:00 - Thursday 23 November 2023 / Konserthusteatern - Karlskrona