"Tomtarna & Dumburken"

"Tomtarna & Dumburken"

A newly written interactive performance for children from about 3 years and up. The performance contains both theatre, song and dance, with an educational message aimed mainly at children of preschool age and primary school.

With "Tomtarna & Dumburken" they want to increase early awareness of feelings and effects of one's own, and friends', actions. Difficult topics, but which are covered in an easy-to-understand and educational way in the performance with the help of theatre, song and dance.

Do you know what a kind Santa does? How to be kind? Can you fool around? What do you do if someone else is stupid? And what exactly is a dumbass? These questions, and more, the children get to figure out together with the elves Snälla-Nella and Tuva-Luva. Please-Nella gets into trouble and Tuva-Luva needs the children's help to make everything okay again!

3 November 11.00-11.30
Marine Museum Karlskrona