Tuesday Lecture - Crafts & Permaculture

Tuesday Lecture - Crafts & Permaculture

Are you curious about crafts, self-sufficiency, and reducing your carbon footprint? Welcome to tonight's lecture.

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A life close to nature and with a reduced carbon footprint led the couple Stina and Niclas to the farm Karamåla outside Kyrkhult. For the past four years, they have been largely self-sufficient in food and work with ecologically sustainable solutions, where crafts are an important part of the changes happening on the farm. Fresh crops can be harvested from March until the end of the year, and gradually they are finding new routines for everyday life on the farm together.

During the evening, they will talk about permaculture - when modern science is interwoven with the knowledge of older cultures to rebuild natural values. Here, it involves locally adapted alternatives for things like food, housing, and water, as well as social structures and livelihoods.

The evening concludes with a workshop where we craft festival poles together using materials from Karamåla.

Location: Blekinge Museum auditorium
Time: 18:30 - 20:00
Date: 23/4-2024

The lecture is held in Swedish.
Free admission.