White advent

White advent

Ananda Yoga is thrilled that White Lounge (White Advent) has become their most popular activity!

The concept is: 4 forms of proven therapies where one does not need to have any physical contact with the therapist!

What does this mean?
With a unique combination of proven therapies, we will offer you the opportunity to feel better, get healthier, and regain balance. The yoga studio will be entirely white, with daylight lamps.

On certain Saturdays at 2-4 pm, we offer sound baths with quartz crystal singing bowls, as well as daylight therapy and color therapy with white.

On specific Saturdays at 2-4 pm, we have plasma therapy (using high-precision pulsating plasma) and a mini-lecture, along with daylight therapy, biomusic, and color therapy with white.

All these 4 forms of therapy are non-invasive, have no side effects, and have been scientifically proven to deliver excellent results for human health and well-being.