Live - Trossö

For most of us, where we live is the place that we can always go back to. It may also be a place that is only temporary or a place we can never leave at all. As long as humans have existed, securing a safe space to live has been crucial to our survival. From the caves of Africa to the islands of Dubai, we have come quite a long way. Since there are untold numbers of dwellings that can be seen from space, the images shown in this part of the exhibition are by necessity only a small sample of the many varieties of living spaces that we occupy.

The development of sustainable and affordable housing is a pressing issue for our species. Indeed, the ever-growing need to maximise our living space in order to cope with the influx of humans into cities is deeply connected to the challenges. What we can see from space only tells a piece of the complete story. Nevertheless, from these macro views, we can start to get a better idea of what the conditions might be like on the ground, what is working well, and what we can do to make things better.