Fiskare i vattendrag.
Picknick på bryggan framför Brändaholm

Cosy autumn in Karlskrona

Book a wonderful weekend with time for each other in a lovely setting.


Experience adventure in Karlskrona!

The city and the islands around it are perfectly suited to be experienced by bike or canoe.

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Karlskrona - The sunniest city in Sweden this summer!

Scandic Hotel

Fr. 1120 SEK /room

Events in Karlskrona

11 Nov

Christmas Concert with Carola

A traditional Christmas concert with a great warmth - "My best Christmas - A close concert with Carola".

23 Oct
31 Oct

Autumn Break - The ghosts at the Farm

A family activity during the autumn holiday.

14 Oct
17 Oct

International Street Market

International food and streemarket - " Geraud Markets Scandinavia".

26 Nov
19 Dec

Christmas Show at Statt - The sound of Christmas

Angelica Alm from the Swedish tv-show: “Så ska det låta” performs in 12 christmas shows in Karlskrona.

10 Oct

The Music Eaters - Adam Grahn

Royal Republic's front person Adam Grahn takes us on a culinary journey through his own food memories.

6 Nov

Concert - Hasse Andersson

Autumn concert tour with Kvinnaböske band and violinist Jannike Stenlund

29 Oct

Ballet- Swan lake

Thanks to the romantic surroundings, magnificent choreography and the unforgettable tale of impossible love is Swan Lake the ultimate classical ballet that has become public acclaim worldwide.

24 Oct
31 Oct

Autumn fun - Boda Boooo

Boda Borg becomes a real ghosthouse.

31 Oct

The Music Eaters - Tom Waits Theme

The evening is led by Oskar Appelqvist, Linus Norda, & Johan Ådahl.

Happening this week

8 Oct
15 Oct

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Karlskrona. In the middle of the archipelago.

Karlskrona skärgård segelbåt

The archipelago is a perfect place to relax, recharge and just be. Self or together. No requirements, no musts - just be.

Sweden's southernmost archipelago is composed of 1,650 islands, skerries and islets - from Hasslö in the west to Utlängan in the east. Savour blue days of wind, water, salt splashed rocks and glorious bays for bathing. Discover this chain of ilsands in your own way.