HMS Neptun - Submarine

Karlskrona´s latest attraction!

Explore The Naval Museum's new submarine hall with HMS Neptun. We guarantee an extraordinary experience!

The Naval Museum

Karlskrona's most visited attraction.The museum is an architectural masterpiece.

A winter white Brändaholm

The Sloop and Longboat Shed

The Sloop and Longboat Shed is from the 1780’s and was used to store the Navy’s small boats during the winter months. The roof structure of 10 intersecting saddle-backed roofs, makes the building extraordinary. The Shed is a part of the Naval Museum.

Sweden's sunniest city - logo

Join us on an aerial tour over the city!

Scandic Hotel

Fr. 1120 SEK /room

Events in Karlskrona

11 Oct
22 Feb

Exhibition - cowboys and city farms

Exciting stories and Exhibition about Karlskrona city land and farming.

9 Jul
11 Jul


2015 is the 16th anniversary for the festival!

7 Mar

Concert - Sanne Salomonsen and Mats Ronander

Three musical forces of nature in a personal and subtle performance.

28 Jan

Ida Sand Quartet - Young at heart

Enjoy the lovely jazz music by Ida Sand.

15 Feb

Concert - Virtuoso bass tones - Contra Bass many colors

Italian virtuosity, Swedish and Danish compositions with folk-roots.

18 Apr

Caroline af Ugglas - Chorus for everyone!

Sing along together with Caroline af Ugglas' chorus.

11 Apr

Pink Floyd Tribute – Pink Ingo

Pink Ingo is a Karlskrona - Malmö-based band led by guitarist and vocalist Christian Fridh.

Happening this week

25 Jan
1 Feb

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Karlskrona. In the middle of the archipelago.

The archipelago is a perfect place to relax, recharge and just be. Self or together. No requirements, no musts - just be.

Sweden's southernmost archipelago is composed of 1,650 islands, skerries and islets - from Hasslö in the west to Utlängan in the east. Savour blue days of wind, water, salt splashed rocks and glorious bays for bathing. Discover this chain of ilsands in your own way.