Events in Karlskrona

22 Oct

Concert - Be Bop A Luba Back to the 50`s

Top reviewed show with music from the 50 and 60 century, led by Peter Jezewski former lead singer of The Boppers.

2 Nov
5 Nov

Autumn Break - The ghost at the Farm

A family activity during the autumn holiday.

25 Sep

Pippi Longstocking - Family theatre

Bring the entire family and come along when Pippi Longstocking offer song, music, dancing, excitement and a lot of laughter.

7 Oct

Thomas Petersson - Back in reality

After his succes with previous shows such as "Best of" and "Skakad inte störd", it is now once again time for this likeable hallänings third comic monologue "Back in reality"

29 Oct

Pumpkin festival

The season is heading towards its end for Wämöparken, and what better way that to wrap it up than with a big pumpkin festival for the whole family.

29 Oct

Rock of 80’s

The Arena tour - Rock of 80's is a journey through time to the eighties.

3 Sep

Glas event - Glastornet 10 years

The glas artist Malin Mena celebrates 10 years in Glastornet (The Glas Tower) Studioglashytta in Nättraby and will celebrate the day with different activities.

9 Sep
10 Sep

Prawns Galore on the sea

Come with M/F Gåsefjärden and enjoy the beautiful archipelago along with Prawns Galore on board.

29 Sep

Nisse Landgren & Jan Lundgren - Star meeting

These two giants within jazz music take on a astounding journey through the baddes beats to the softest of tunes.

19 Oct
22 Oct

International Street Market 2016

The International food and street market - " Geraud Markets Scandinavia" comes to Karlskrona!

3 Sep

St. Jacobi Market 2016

An old-fashioned market with tradition and quality.

28 Aug
31 Aug

Instagram Contest - Best summer picture 2016

It is once again time for our Instagram contest.

Happening this week

29 Aug
5 Sep

Scandic Hotel

Fr. 1120 SEK /room

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