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Events in Karlskrona

27 Aug

Karlskrona Town square Festival

A day with focus on Karlskrona's market square and its traditions.

5 Aug
6 Aug

Live Green Festival

A music festival in favor of the enviroment!

13 Aug

Karlskrona Swimrun

The competiton start on the main square, Stortorget in Karlskrona. Women, men and mixed classes are in the two award categories relay and sprint.

11 Jul

The Eminent East Coast Dixie Stompers

Jazz Concert with The Eminent East Coast Dixie Stompers.

3 Jul
10 Jul

Lyckå Chamber Music Festival 2016

For the 33rd time will the festival take place with - guest performaces, chamber music, symphony orchestra and classics.

30 Jul
31 Jul


This year's concerts from Operapelago

2 Jul

Competition - the coast hunter 2016

A real challange that includes both running and swimming in Karlskronas archipelago!

11 Aug
14 Aug

Carlscrona Classic - Peter and Patrik Jablonski´s International Music Festival

The piano brothers are forming a festival together under the name Carlscrona Classic.

4 Aug

Karlskrona city running competition 2016

Karlskrona city running competition inaugurates Karlskrona Archipelago Festival.

24 Jul

Concert - Sven-Bertil Taube

One of Sweden's most beloved artist visits Karlskrona.

23 Jul

American Songbook - in swedish

Mikael Wiehe, Plura Jonsson och Ebba Forsberg interprets american songs on a joint tour. "American Songbook - in Swedish" is the name of the joint tour that Mikael Wiehe, Ebba Forsberg and Plura Jonsson embarks on this summer. Together, the artists interpret their favorite songs from america to Swedish lyrics. Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits and Tom Petty are some of the artists whose works the trio interpreters to swedish.

28 Jul

Peter Harryson & Peter Magnusson - With Archipelago life and longing

Meet the extraordinary duo Peter Harryson and Bengt Magnusson on stage where they will play some of our most beloved songs.

25 Jun
31 Aug

Instagram Contest - Best summer picture 2016

It is once again time for our Instagram contest.

2 Aug
7 Aug

Karlskrona Archipelago Festival 2016

A festival in the middle of the beautiful archipelago of Karlskrona.

13 Aug

The Navy Day 2016

The Naval base opens their doors to the public.

14 Jul
16 Jul

Hasslöfestivalen 2016

Hasslöfestivalen is a unik festival in the middle of Karlskrona's stunning archipelago! Miriam Bryant, Jerry Williams, Sweet, Slade, Smokie, Joddla med Siv, Caj Karlsson, Frida Öhrn, De lyckliga kompisarna and Peg Parnevik will perform at Hasslö Festival.

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25 Jun
2 Jul

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