Events in Karlskrona

20 Oct

Pernilla Wahlgren - "Kort, glad och tacksam"

Pernilla Wahlgren summarizes 40 years on stage and 50 years on earth with a humoristic show!

9 Dec

Pul So

Pul So is a flamenco performance based on something as essential as the heart's throbbing.

18 Oct

Concert - Star for Life Touch of Africa

The musical journey of Star For Life continues this year with Star For Life - Touch of Africa

21 Sep

The Royal Swedish Navy Band - "Livsglædens Dans"

Concert with The Royal Swedish Navy Band in Sparresalen

27 Oct
3 Nov

Autumn fun - Experience the Quest at Boda Boooo

Welcome to Boda Boooo during the autumn break - if you dare!

29 Sep
30 Sep

Competition - Blekinge Pike Festival 2018

Blekinge Pike Festival 2018 will take place 29th - 30th September.

27 Oct

Pumpcin festival - Wämö park

Welcome to the pumpcin festival.

14 Oct

Dolly Style L-O-V-E tour

Sweden's most popular girl group is back!

16 Nov

Brynolf & Ljung - Cirkeln

The red thread in the "Cirkeln" are strange coincidences that are unlikely to happen. Everyone has once in their lives been involved in something that feels like - this can not be a coincidence.

28 Sep

Humor show - Karsten Torebjer

The miracle from Jylland, a humor show in "Danish" (Swedish)

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20 Sep
27 Sep

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