Events in Karlskrona

24 Mar

Concert - Queenie Forever

With hundreds of concerts throughout Europe and parts of Asia since 2006, Queenie received enthusiastic fans worldwide. In 2008 played Queenie as the main band of the world's greatest queen - Festival in Montreux, invited by Freddie Mercury's "personal assistant" Peter Freestone himself.

31 Mar

From Broadway to Duvemåla

Welcome to a concert with some of Sweden's most established musical artists.

30 Jan

Johann Strauss Gala concert

Return to the joy and glamor of the 1900 century Vienna with its exuberant gala concerts with world famous waltzes, polkas and marches by Johann Strauss waltz king.

26 Apr

The Simon and Garfunkel Story

One of europes biggest and most succesful shows with Simon and Garfunkel's Music and a full liveband.

17 Mar

Concert - Tommy Nilsson

Intimate, happy and grand, Tommy Nilsson returns to the audience in 2017 with a performance about love, life and a sizeable dose of Rock'n roll.

26 Feb

Musical Highlights 2017

The best of musicals made into one show!

25 May
27 May

South Swedish Rally Karlskrona

For the 42nd time in history South Swedish Rally arranges a race and this time Karlskrona is the starting point.

4 Feb

Brynolf & Ljung - Hokus Pokus Motherf*ckers!

Together Peter Brunjolf and Jonas Ljung are nudgingon the boundaries of how a magic show can look. Humor, psychological misdirection and sleight of hand are combined in a high tempo with grand illusions and special effects.

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19 Jan
26 Jan

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