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Karlskrona - Your Swedish cruise destination

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A World Heritage City - in the middle of the archipelago

Karlskrona offers great hospitality, smooth operations and world class excursions to all our cruise guests and agents.
The city centre of Karlskrona is uniquely situated in the middle of an archipelago, 6 km from the mainland. This gives a unique, spacious sense to the city - and breathtaking views. Karlskrona is an exciting encounter with Sweden’s naval history. In 1680, King Karl XI ordered the construction of the city as Sweden’s naval base, due to its location. The naval presence has ensured distinctive architectural qualities, and UNESCO has named Karlskrona a World Heritage City. Gunpowder towers and fortifications make a splendid backdrop, mixing with yellow ferries, white sails and even submarines visible in the waters around the city.

Services available for guests:

  Always available                            Available in some cases


Transport -

 Free shuttle available: Mini-train serves as shuttle service to/from the city centre

 City centre within 1 km from pier: City center 300 meters away from pier

 Publicly regulated taxis:

 Bike rental including map or GPS: On request

 Hop on/hop off services in port area: Allowed, but not yet present as a service

City walk

Destination collaboration -

 Authorized guides: All guides are authorized World Heritage City guides

 Education of tourism partners on the cruise guest: We have an ongoing education of local businesses and partners

 Possiblity for special arrangements and flexibility: One cruise call at the time allows for a high level of flexibility

 Destination video available for Cruise Lines: Several destination videos are available for unrestricted use. Click for more information.

Shuttle boat moor at the pier

Port - 

 Independent guest reception and help

 We offer all cruise lines to set up a hospitality desk on board with our personnel. Staff on pier provides information and brochures/maps.

 Mailbox available

 Signed route from pier to city centre and/or public transport: Signs and maps

 Tourist information (office or maps) in port area: Tourist information on pier

 Free Wi-Fi in port: Free Wi-Fi with login in the city centre and in the cruise lounge on the Main Square

 ​ Local life and events with locals: On request

Lobby at Scandic hotel

Turnaround facilities - 

 Turnaround facilities: Scandic Hotel in city. Yes, right in the city centre, in the middle of the archipelago. Click for more information

Two women shopping

Shopping & Attractions - 

 Shops open on Sundays: Some shops are open Sundays

 Shops accept credit card payment with no lower limit

 Free city maps: Yes, a wide range of maps

People dressed up in 18th century clothes

Pier - 

 Personal welcome: Dressed in 18th century clothes, guards/soldiers and civilians greet our guests on the pier. A salute is fired from a canon if approved by ship.

 Musical welcome: On request

 Free local food samples: On request

❤ Cruise guest national flags: On request

Port information

Karlskrona City and Commercial Port:
- Max LOA: 160 m
- Max depth: 7,5 m
- Type of berth: Passenger and traffic
- Restrictions: 130 m LOA and depth 7,3 m
- Clean pier before arrival and maintenance during the day: Available

Verkö Port, quay 1:
- Max LOA: 240 m
- Max depth: 9 m
- Type of berth: Passenger and Ro-pax
- Restrictions: 240 m LOA and depth 9 m
- Clean pier before arrival and maintenance during the day: Available

Pier details - read more

Port Reception Facilities

Karlskrona City and Commercial Port:
- Direct shore connections available: Yes
- Number and flexible flow rate: 1 more than   20 m3/hour
- MARPOL standard connection fitted: Yes
- Number and maximum capasity of barges
  (cubm): No

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Port fees

Harbour dues (Currency/GT):
Karlskrona City Port  SEK 2,80 / GT  At anchor SEK  1,45 / GT ISPS   (for both port/anchor) SEK 1,85 / GT

Passenger dues (Currency/PAX):
SEK 13,40 / GT


The Municipality of Karlskrona
Terje Viblom Pedersen
Head of Tourism
Phone +46 455 304805
Mobile +46 (0)733 615708

The Municipality of Karlskrona
Malin Hagberg-Andersson
Cruise coordinator
Phone +46 455 303491

The Municipality of Karlskrona
Ola Gren
Harbor Master
Phone: +46 455 303295